Personal bankruptcy in Slovakia

A solution to get rid of your debts.

If your liabilities are significantly higher than the value of your assets and you cannot pay your liabilities, the starting point for your situation may be to declare personal bankruptcy - debt relief. Based on an assessment of your assets situation as well as an assessment of the amount of your liabilities, we recommend the best course of action. If bankruptcy is appropriate for you, we will prepare and print the necessary documents to start the process of recovery of your financial situation.


Get rid of your debts by personal bankruptcy in just a few days


The price includes:

- providing personal bankruptcy information;
- preparation and printing of documents necessary for bankruptcy;
- familiarization with the bankruptcy process, the cost of the process as well as the necessary conditions, the failure of which may mean that the whole recovery process is frustrated

The price of the service does not include administrative fees for verification of signatures, the required advance payable by filing a bankruptcy petition, or fees that may be incurred during the proceedings.

A prerequisite for personal bankruptcy is compliance with the statutory conditions.