BASIC for 336,- Eur

The cheapest option of establishing a company suitable for most clients

Based on the data you have entered, we will prepare documents and inform you of the whole process of setting up a company and we will pay you a fee for a proposal to register a limited liability company in the Commercial Register.



BASIC service for 336,- Eur


We will set up a new limited liability company, and you will not pay an extra euro as you would have paid to set up a limited liability company yourself.

With BASIC service we will provide you with:

  •  preparation and printing of documents;
  • providing information on the process of incorporation of the company, namely the processing of business certificates and subsequent registration of the company in the relevant business register;
  • reporting of trades to the relevant district office on your behalf, including five free trades;
  • we will send a proposal for registration of the company in the Commercial Register with all mandatory attachments;
  • we will pay a court fee for you;
  • ensure registration of the company at the income tax office, while the identification card will be delivered after the establishment of the company to the address of the company;
  • in case of interest, we will issue a qualified certificate for creating a guaranteed electronic signature free of charge.

Your other expenses will consist of:

  • administrative fees for the verification of signatures on the memorandum / memorandum of association;
  • administrative fees for the reporting of trades above the number included in the price of the service (EUR 5 for reporting the sixth and other free trade; EUR 15 for a trade license with a tied or craft trade).