Merger of the company from 350, - Eur

Dissolution of a company with an existing company as legal successor

In the case of a merger, we will prepare a draft merger agreement, which will lead to the dissolution of the merging company, with the existing company becoming the legal successor. The total cost of the merger depends on the number of companies participating in the merger process and the amount of the capital of those companies.

Merge Lld. already for 350, - Eur

The aforementioned price is for the preparation of documentation for the merger of two companies, one of which will cease to exist and includes court fees for filing applications for registration in the Commercial Register. The price does not include notarial fees for the preparation of a notarial deed which is an essential part of this process and for the verification of signatures.

For example, the service is useful in situations where you own multiple companies, and it is not appropriate for you to totally close a company or pay a tax license for each company to optimize your tax license payment.

In the case of the merger of several companies, the fee for the third company is 150, - EUR and for each additional 100, - Eur.