Liquidation of the company COMPLETE for 400, - Eur

A way to delete your s.r.o. from the Commercial Register.

We will provide you with the entire process of deletion of a limited liability company from the business register based on the liquidation of the company, during which the creditors are satisfied on the basis of the liquidation of all available assets and subsequently the distribution of the balance by individual partners.

Liquidation of the company for 400,- Eur

This service is particularly suitable for companies whose assets exceed the amount of liabilities to creditors, or for companies that have no assets. The whole process of dissolution of the company, liquidation and subsequent erasure s.r.o. from the Commercial Register is long-term, lasts more than 6 months. During this process, we will prepare all the documents necessary to complete the winding-up of the company, as well as we can advise you on the company's accounting records, which is a prerequisite for the consent of the tax administrator to the deletion.

The price does not include administrative fees for verifying the signatures on the relevant documents.