Bankruptcy Declaration of LLC for 250, - Eur

Bankruptcy of the indebted company.

As a company executive, you are required to monitor the financial situation in your company and if your company goes bankrupt, it is your responsibility to file for bankruptcy. Otherwise, you run the risk of a sanction for failure to comply with this obligation, which may amount to the company's registered capital. We will evaluate the status of your company and, if necessary, prepare all documents for filing for bankruptcy


bankruptcy for as little as 250, - Eur


The price includes:

- personal consultation with the evaluation of the conditions for bankruptcy, in case of non-use the consultation fee is 30, - Eur;
- familiarization with the bankruptcy process, the costs of this process;
- drawing up the relevant documents necessary for bankruptcy;

The price of the service does not include administrative fees for verification of signatures, the required advance payable by filing a bankruptcy petition, or fees that may be incurred during the proceedings.

A prerequisite for bankruptcy is compliance with the statutory conditions and proof of the minimum value of asset.