Offshore Seychelles additional services

Additional services to the IBC company.

Our company provides complete management of IBC company registered in Seychelles.

A copy of the documents establishing the company verified by apostille 200,- Eur    + postal charge
(one copy is included in the price of the service on request)    
Fee To Keep and Maintain Accounting Records 200,- Eur  
Assistance in opening an offshore bank account 500,- Eur    + postal and bank charges
Issuance of the CERTIFICATE OF GOOD STANDING 200,- Eur    + postal charge
Issuance of the CERTIFICATE OF INCUMBENCY 200,- Eur    + postal charge
Issue of certificate TAX EXEMPTION 200,- Eur    + postal charge
Issuance of a power of attorney verified by apostille 300,- Eur    + postal charge
Postal charges od 65,- Eur  

* postal fees are not charged if the client requests an additional service when establishing a new company


If you are interested in other services for managing your company, we will provide you with a price calculation upon request.