Expenses for Establishment of Company in Slovakia

In connection with the establishment of a limited liability company, the founder incurs financial expenses, which are expenses of the company in the first year of management. The total cost of setting up a company depends on the conditions and specifications under which the company is founded. The amount of this expenditure is determined by regulation, but there is still scope for reducing it.


The calculation of the total costs of setting up a company depends mainly on the number of business certificates and the number of partners who set up the company. By using our BASIC service, the client is able to reduce costs even in the case of a larger number of business certificates, as the service also includes verification of all documents that are attached to the proposal for registration of the company in the register.

When comparing the costs of setting up a company through different ways of setting up, the following was taken into account:

  • we compared two ways of starting up - without using an external company by yourself and using our BASIC service
  • the company is founded by two partners
  • articles of association shall be drawn up in a minimum number of copies
  • articles of association defined 10 subjects of business - free trade and appointed two executives.


Type of expenditure \ method of establishment

self-service our service BASIC

Price of the service

0,00 Eur  336,00 Eur

Signature verification fee (2,00 Eur/per signature)

 12,00 Eur  4,00 Eur

Certificate fee (5 Eur/živnosť)

50,00 Eur  10,00 Eur

Fee for: authentication of the certificate (3,00 Eur/page)

 6,00 Eur  0,00 Eur

Court fee for filing a company registration application

 300,00 Eur  0,00 Eur

Approximate total expenditure

 368,00 Eur  350,00 Eur


The initial expenditure of the founder is the drafting of the deed, respectively. social contract. The identity of the signatory must be officially verified. Depending on the verifiers, the price for signature verification varies from € 2.00 per signature, at notaries up to € 4 per signature. Another expense is the fee for the issue of a trade license - this is set at EUR 5, - for the declaration of free trade or EUR 15, - for the certificate of craft or tied trade. The amount of these expenses can be influenced by the petitioner, as he may choose fewer business activities when the company is set up. On the other hand, in the event of a later extension of the business after the company was established, the addition of new objects will be more costly as the entrepreneur will have to repeat the same procedure as in the case of company formation (writing an amendment to the memorandum ).

After the announcement of trades, the founder is obliged to submit a proposal for registration of the company in the Commercial Register. The document under which the entrepreneur is entitled to carry on business activities - certificates of trade license, in duplicate is a mandatory annex to the application for registration of the company in the Commercial Register. For this reason, the entrepreneur is obliged to verify this certificate twice. The cost of one-page verification ranges from € 3.00 for registrars and above for notaries. The entrepreneur must also verify all other annexes to which he proves the facts stated in the application for registration or attaches the originals to the application. The last expenditure of the entrepreneur is the re-verification of the applicant's signature on the application for registration of the company in the Register.

The comparison clearly shows that under these conditions the use of the BASIC service is clearly financially advantageous for the founder of a limited liability company. Entrepreneur, in addition to obtaining professional advice on the formation of companies, throughout the establishment process s.r.o. we represent it, we will prepare all documents necessary for the establishment of LLC.