Establishment of a limited liability company in Slovakia

When establishing a limited liability company, it is necessary to comply with the legal conditions and to submit the required documents for the registration of the company in the relevant business register, from trade certificates to the applicant's declaration of honor, if it is proposed to write another information that does not follow from any annexes. After the last legislative changes is to establish LLC only persons who do not have tax arrears, which is reflected in the obligations of the founders LLC before the establishment of LLC.

Among the obligatory documents that the applicant has to submit the application for registration s.r.o. the business register to submit, inter alia:

  • registration form,
  • founding document,
  • a document proving the business authorization to carry out the activity to be registered in the Commercial Register as the subject of business,
  • a document proving the repayment of deposits,
  • document proving the right of ownership or use of the real estate or its part, which does not exclude the use of the real estate or its part as registered office or place of business or consent of the owner of the real estate or its part to registration of real estate or its part as registered office or place of business according to a special regulation. (Section 2 (3) of the Commercial Code)
  • Confirmation that the founders of s.r.o. they have no tax arrears to their respective tax authorities

In addition, the applicant may submit to the statutes, if accepted, a written declaration by the founder that he is not the only shareholder in more than two limited liability companies if the company was established by a single natural person and possibly other documents. Only a person without tax arrears may set up a new company. For this reason, it is essential that the founders obtain approval from the tax authority. Since December 2013, there has also been a significant change in the repayment of the deposit, when it will no longer be possible to repay the deposit to the hands of the deposit manager. At present, the Act only allows repayment of deposits to a bank account, which the petitioners must submit when applying for registration s.r.o. into the business register properly demonstrated.

The establishment of a limited liability company and thus the actual preparation of the documents required for the establishment of a limited liability company is not a simple matter, as the documents must contain the requisites required by law, otherwise the court will refuse to execute the application for registration. The company is not created without registration in the Commercial Register, whereby the founder exposes himself / herself to the risk of financial loss from the expenses incurred in establishing the LLC.

The use of external companies to prepare these documents is not a cheap necessity, as often these services also represent a high percentage of the costs of setting up a limited liability company. However, with our help you can create a s.r.o. for the same amount you would have spent on establishing a DIY, and in a few days you can do business with a new LLC!

Within a few days we will elaborate the documents necessary for obtaining a trade license without any problems and the relevant business register should register your new company in the register. And all this without the need to travel somewhere, because the documents will send you without any problems by mail or e-mail and we will pay for you court fee for the registration of the company, which is included in the price for the services of assisted establishment. we will provide information on how to register a company as a VAT payer, provide accounting records and prepare tax returns as well as other accounting and tax agenda.