Responsible representative for a tied or craft trade

A limited liability company as a juridical person cannot demonstrate professional competence to operate tied trades directly, but must appoint a responsible representative. Responsible representative is a natural person appointed by the entrepreneur through which he ensures professional performance of the activity during the trade.


Professional qualifications for craft trades shall be demonstrated by an apprenticeship certificate or other evidence of the proper completion of the relevant vocational field or the relevant field of study.

The responsible representative must be employed by an entrepreneur other than a partner in the operation of the trade.

The person appointed as responsible representative must be of good repute. A person who has been lawfully convicted of an economic crime, an offense against property or any other intentionally committed crime, the facts of which relate to the object of business, unless he is regarded as not having been convicted, shall not be considered to be of good repute. A person who, in relation to the subject of business, does not fulfill the conditions of good repute pursuant to a special regulation, shall not be considered to be of good character. (For example, Article 25 (2) No. 58/2014 Coll. On explosives, explosive objects and ammunition and on amendments to certain laws) For this reason, the personal data of the person concerned upon request of an extract from the criminal record are also annexed.

The responsible representative must be resident in the territory of the Slovak Republic or other residence permit.

If the responsible representative ceases to hold office, the entrepreneur must appoint a new responsible representative within 15 days. Pending the appointment of a new responsible representative, he may continue to operate the trade, provided that this does not endanger the life, health and safety of people.