Offshore Seychelles

Do business in complete discretion in a tax haven! Establishing an offshore company not only brings you the possibility of tax optimization, but such a form of ownership guarantees a considerable degree of protection of your property.

For several years our company has been offering the establishment of an offshore company in the Republic of Seychelles. The main reason for choosing this jurisdiction is a stable legal environment with a high degree of flexibility for the requirements of offshore founders.

As part of the services, we offer several possibilities of establishing an offshore company, whether using the classic form of incorporation, where the company is based on the persons listed by you as well as your appointed director, or using the services of nominated owners and directors, a company that retains your influence on the continued operation of the company.

In assessing the legal and tax grounds for setting up offshore companies, it is important that the management and control of the company be officially exercised in the Seychelles. It is advisable that you consult with an accountant and tax advisor before using an offshore company to optimize tax costs, as the application of tax regulations depends on the specific business conditions. The traditional role of the company director is to oversee the running of the company. For this reason, clients normally request to do this task directly on the island. This usually means that some documents should be signed on behalf of the company and the necessary general meetings from Seychelles should be convened. Of course, such director will perform and fulfill his task in accordance with your requirements. The name of the director will not be accessible in any public document, as information about the director is confidential