Personal and capital companies in Slovakia

Trading companies are divided into two basic types, namely personal and capital companies. Personal companies include a public company and a limited partnership. Capital companies include a limited liability company and a joint stock company.


Personal companies are characterized by the following features:

  • the partners are liable for the company's obligations without limitation, with all their assets,
  • in the case of companies, the registered capital is not created,
  • personal participation of shareholders in the company's business,
  • statutory bodies are not mandatory;
  • the termination of the participation of the shareholders in the company may cause its termination.

Capital companies are characterized by:

  • partners are not liable for the company's liabilities at all or only to a limited extent,
  • the foundation capital is created,
  • shareholders are not obliged to personally participate in the company's business,
  • statutory bodies of the company and, if necessary, other bodies are created,
  • a change in the person's partner is possible

There are views that a limited liability company as well as a limited partnership is a mixed company.