You can become an entrepreneur within a week in Slovakia

To establish a trade you only need a valid identity card, company s. r. about. you can also buy. Despite the benefits of employment, more and more people want to "work on their own." Making it easier to start a business every year. limited liability.


The trade for a five euros is real

The increase in the number of sole traders was helped by the opening of single contact points at district trade licensing offices. According to Maria Rapcova of the Sala office, almost all people interested in trade are using these places. "This is especially praised by the general health insured, where they have long advice," says Rapcova.

On the basis of the completed form, the Office will obtain from the General Prosecutor's Office an extract from the Criminal Register, electronically register the candidate at the tax office and at the health insurance company. In the case of a start-up entrepreneur, contributions to the Social Insurance Agency need not be paid during the first year, which are mandatory from 1 July of the following year. "If he is interested in only one business and is a free trade, then he only needs five euros," confirms Rapcová.

Watch your reputatio

For each other business in the free trade is paid another five euro, in the case of craft or tied trade it is 15, and in the case of a concession of 30 eur. With a higher degree of trade the demands increase. For the craft the applicant needs a certificate of apprenticeship, but the practice is no longer necessary, for the linked one, he / she needs a certificate of professional skills, for example from a course, and the concession certificate examines financial reliability or reputation. "This applies, for example, to the arms business or transport," explains Rapcová, and requires a license from the Ministry of Health to operate the pharmacy.

Not everything

Despite the registration to the health insurance company through the contact point, the trader must communicate with the insurance company. Within eight days from the commencement of the trade, he must notify it of the amount of health insurance prepayments to be paid. The points of single contact apply to the tax office, but only for income tax payers. As a payer of other taxes - employment taxes, value added tax or excise taxes - the self-employed person must register with the tax office himself. "The competencies of contact points at trade licensing offices could be expanded, a small entrepreneur still has a lot of equipment," says President of the Slovak Association of Small Enterprises Vladimir Sirotka.

More attractive is "eseročka

According to Sirotek, a limited liability company has recently become attractive for sole traders. However, its establishment is much more complicated. Candidates must meet the conditions necessary for registration in the Commercial Register. Within two to three weeks, all the formalities for start-up entrepreneurs will be completed by the ordered company. Levočská Eseročka confirms increased interest in the establishment of s.r.o. turnkey. The reason is that, unlike sole traders, these legal entities do not guarantee the entire property and can also save on levies. Managing Director of the elected company Domenico estimates that the establishment of s.r.o. it also costs a fee for registration in the Commercial Register, notarial signatures and documents, as well as a remuneration of up to 500 eur.

Ltd. can also be purchased as a finished product. Celtic offers them all over Slovakia for almost 30 thousand crowns. According to Managing Director Radovan Baláž, the company has all the necessary requirements and the buyer can do business with it within a few days.

A business plan will favor trade

Before establishing a trade, the applicant may apply to the local labor office for a state subsidy. Since May, it has increased to 103,900 crowns. In order to receive a contribution, he or she must meet several conditions. Submit proof of completion of the course on business fundamentals, present a business plan where they calculate their costs, and pass tests. If he terminates his trade before the expiry of two years, he must return an aliquot amount to the state.