Ready-made Ltd. for sale

Do you need to start a new business immediately? Don't you have time to start a company and was it too late for you yesterday?

Our company also has a solution for you. We offer you to buy ready-made s.r.o. - a ready-made new company that has already been established in advance and is ready to start your business immediately

The companies we set up have basic business activities that enable you to start your business immediately. In just a short time, you can become the owner of a new company. All operations necessary for the transfer will be carried out by our company. We will provide you with a change of registered office, appointment of new managers as well as expansion of business activities. If necessary, we will also provide you with a registration and virtual headquarters in our operations in Levoča or Poprad.

NEW READY-MADE COMPANY for sale for 450,- Eur
if you use registered office in our premises for one year!

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Our current offer of ready-made companies s.r.o. For immediate sale visit:

There are also ready made s.r.o registered for VAT!