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The law recognizes three other trades. For craft and craft trades it is necessary to prove the achievement of vocational education or practice. Only natural persons can fulfill such conditions. Therefore, in the case of limited liability companies, the responsible representative demonstrates the education or certificate or experience obtained. There are no restrictions or conditions for free trade.

Craft trade

In the case of craft trades, the condition of operation is the professional competence acquired by training in the field. For these trades, it is therefore necessary to prove professional competence by an apprenticeship certificate or by acquired experience in the field.
List of craft trade

Tied trades

The condition for the operation of tied trades is professional competence acquired otherwise, for example by obtaining a different type of education or certificate. In some cases, practice in the art is also required.
List of tied trades

Free trades

Free trades can be operated by anyone and no qualification or other professional requirements are required.
List of free trade