Trade Register of the Slovak Republic - is not a register as a register

Have you set up a new limited liability company or a trade and have you just received a letter to register your company together with a postal order to pay the registration fee? Are you asking whether this fee is mandatory and whether it should be paid? We have the following recommendation for you: no, you are not required to pay this fee.

Every newly-established company or trade before its official publication in the trade or trade register receives an offer for registration, which is very prominent for registration in the official registers of the Slovak Republic - whether it is a trade or trade register. The Trade Register of the Slovak Republic, the Trade Register and the Trade Register of the Slovak Republic - also such registers can be named by registers, which are kept by private entrepreneurs and which have nothing to do with official registers of the SR. Behind these offers are private entrepreneurs who offer registration in these registers for a considerable financial fee, while offering no added value compared to official registers. Their aim is largely to impress new entrepreneurs and to give the impression that it is a mandatory registration. However, this is only a service. After the registration fee has been paid, the entrepreneur will be reported in the private register, which you are unlikely to reach during your business. Interestingly, even without paying this fee, it is possible to find your personally identifiable information on these private registers. The payment of the fee is thus completely unnecessary.

There are two main registers in Slovakia as far as entrepreneurs are concerned. The first is the Trade Register of the Slovak Republic with the Internet address, which contains a list of all entrepreneurs - whether natural or legal persons, who have been issued trade certificates. After obtaining a trade license, each person who obtained a trade license is automatically listed in this register. The second register is the Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic published on It contains the data of all entrepreneurs registered in the Commercial Register. Likewise, in this case, the data is automatically published on the internet portal after the entrepreneur has been registered in the Commercial Register. There is no need to pay any extra fee, since you have already paid the fee when you register your business or when you apply for registratio.

You are not the only one who received this offer. These offers for new entrepreneurs have existed for several years. Often times it is an offer of a company that has a short lifetime. After a short time, this company is replaced by another and this process is repeated. The beginnings of these "registrations" date back to 2000. What is quite striking is the speed at which you will receive an offer to register. Your company as well as the trade are not yet published on the internet portals or and you are offered an offer for registration containing all information published in the official registers of the Slovak Republic. The source from which these companies draw information, however, remains secret.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not pay the delivered postal order for registration in these private registers.

Some time ago, this issue was also addressed by the editors of the TV newspaper Markiza. Check out their reportage: