PLUS for 399,- Eur

Establishment of a limited liability company for clients requiring a greater number of trades.

Based on the data you have entered, we will prepare the documents and inform you about the whole process of setting up the company, deliver the documents to the competent authorities, we will pay for you the fees for the declaration of trades and the proposal for registration of the limited liability company.


PLUS service for 399,- Eur


With the PLUS solution, based on the data you provide:

  • preparation and printing of documents;
  • provision of information on the process of incorporation of the company, namely the processing of business certificates and subsequent registration of the company in the relevant business register;
  • announcing trades at the appropriate district office on your behalf, and you do not pay 20 free trades;
  • we will verify all documents that make up a compulsory attachment to the company registration application;
  • we will send a proposal for registration of the company in the Commercial Register with all mandatory attachments;
  • we will pay a court fee for you;
  • arrange for registration of the company at the income tax office, the identification card will be delivered after the establishment of the company to the address of the registered office of the company;
  • we will provide you with a registered office for your s.r.o. absolutely free for 3 months;

Your additional expenses when you set up your company will consist only of:

  • administrative fees for the verification of signatures on the memorandum / memorandum of association;
  • administrative fees for the issue of a trade license certificate (for free trades above 20: 5, - EUR for a trade license with a free trade; 15, - EUR for a trade license with a linked or craft trade).